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    First name: Arijit
    Last name: Khan
    DBLP: 67/2933
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    Conference paper
    Pratanu Roy, Arijit Khan, Gustavo Alonso.
    Augmented Sketch: Faster and More Accurate Stream Processing.
    Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Management of Data, SIGMOD Conference 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, June 26 - July 01, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Arijit Khan, Francesco Bonchi, Aristides Gionis, Francesco Gullo.
    Fast Reliability Search in Uncertain Graphs.
    Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, EDBT 2014, Athens, Greece, March 24-28, 2014. 2014 (0) 3 / 2014
    Journal article
    Arijit Khan, Gustavo Segovia, Donald Kossmann.
    Let's Do Smart Routing: For Distributed Graph Querying with Decoupled Storage.
    CoRR 2016, Volume 0 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Arijit Khan, Lei Chen 0002.
    On Uncertain Graphs Modeling and Queries.
    PVLDB 2014, Volume 8 (0) 8 / 2015
    Conference paper
    Arijit Khan, Benjamin Zehnder, Donald Kossmann.
    Revenue maximization by viral marketing: A social network host's perspective.
    32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2016, Helsinki, Finland, May 16-20, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Arijit Khan, Sameh Elnikety.
    Systems for Big-Graphs.
    PVLDB 2013, Volume 7 (0) 8 / 2014
    Conference paper
    Nandish Jayaram, Arijit Khan, Chengkai Li, Xifeng Yan, Ramez Elmasri.
    Towards a Query-by-Example System for Knowledge Graphs.
    Second International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems, GRADES 2014, co-loated with SIGMOD/PODS 2014, Snowbird, Utah, USA, June 22, 2014 2014 (0) 6 / 2014
    Conference paper
    Arijit Khan, Pouya Yanki, Bojana Dimcheva, Donald Kossmann.
    Towards indexing functions: answering scalar product queries.
    International Conference on Management of Data, SIGMOD 2014, Snowbird, UT, USA, June 22-27, 2014 2014 (0) 6 / 2014
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