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    First name: M.
    Last name: Kamath
    DBLP: 79/1138
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    Conference paper
    C. Mohan 0001, D. Agrawal, Gustavo Alonso, Amr El Abbadi, Roger Günthör, M. Kamath.
    Exotica: A Project on Advanced Transaction Management and Workflow Systems
    ACM SIGOIS Bulletin, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp45-50, August, 1995. (0) 1995 Download
    Conference paper
    Gustavo Alonso, D. Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi, C. Mohan 0001, Roger Günthör, M. Kamath.
    Exotica/FMQM: A Persistent Message-Based Architecture for Distributed Workflow Management
    In Proceedings of the IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference on Information Systems for Decentralized Organizations, Trondheim, August 1995. Also available as IBM Research Report RJ9912, IBM Almaden Research Center, November 1994. (0) 1995 Download
    Conference paper
    C. Mohan 0001, Gustavo Alonso, Roger Günthör, M. Kamath, Berthold Reinwald.
    An Overview of the Exotica Research Project on Workflow Management System
    In Proc. 6th International Workshop on High Performance Transaction Systems, Asilomar Conference Center Pacific Grove, California, September 17-20, 1995. (0) 1995 Download
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