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An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures for Transaction Processing in the Cloud


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    TPC-W Benchmark for MySQL and RDSAttachmentsSimon LoesingJun 25, 2010(0)
    Scale-Up Experiments for Azure and RDSAttachmentsDonald KossmannDec 10, 2010(0)
    Advanced Topics on Inf. Systems Seminar/ ETH/Fall 2010AttachmentsClaudio FoellmiJan 5, 2011(0)

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    TPC-W Benchmark for MySQL and RDS Attachments (0)
    Simon Loesing Jun 25, 2010. 06:57:50

    Appended to this post is the TPC-W benchmark implementation used in the MySQL and RDS experiments of this paper.

    The benchmark is divided into three part:

    - A population program to generate and import data into a MySQL database

    - A server application to be deployed on Apache Tomcat

    - A Remote Browser Emulator (RBE) program to test and stress the system.

    All packages are available as downloadable files each including the binary version of the program, a README file with instructions on how to run the program and finally the source code.


    Scale-Up Experiments for Azure and RDS Attachments (0)
    Donald Kossmann Dec 10, 2010. 03:27:50

    We have conducted additional scale-up experiments. In the original paper, we stopped at 9000 EBs (i.e., 9000 concurrent users). In this set of additional experiments we increased the workload to 22500 EBs. We measured Microsoft Azure (which scaled nicely up to 9000 EBs) and RDS in the biggest possible variant (8 virtual cores, 68 GB of main memory). You can find the results in the presentation attached.


    Advanced Topics on Inf. Systems Seminar/ ETH/Fall 2010 Attachments (0)
    Claudio Foellmi Jan 5, 2011. 08:27:11

    Report and Presentation by Jeremie Miserez