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Developing an Enterprise Web Application in XQuery.


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    Is XQuery a good solution?Urs TestmannJul 25, 2009(0)

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    Is XQuery a good solution? (0)
    Urs Testmann Jul 25, 2009. 20:52:18

    Do you think programming web applications in XQuery is a good idea?


    Re: Is XQuery a good solution? (0)
    Lukas Weingardt Jul 26, 2009. 20:52:18

    Yes, because there is no more impedance mismatch!


    Re: Is XQuery a good solution? (0)
    Peter Davey Sep 23, 2009. 12:47:32

    Being able to put naturally formed data into an XML repository, and with a few lines of XQuery pull it out in elaborate HTML is a touch confronting for our Oracle-centric organisation.